It is the perfect light system for every room in your house. Works on batteries and requires no installation, just place it wherever you want. It includes a remote control that can activate up to 4 lamps if you wish to illuminate a larger area or stairs. It measures 6.65 inches(diameter) x 1,12 inches (height) and is made of resistant plastic.
• Lamp works with 4 x AAV batteries
• Remote works with 1 x 23A 12V

Only €49,50

WALLED mini™ is an economically & ecologically friendly solution to illuminate every place at home. Remote can operate up to 24 lights from a distance of 6 m. Double-sided tape included to place them effortlessly. Place each light where wished. Press the light to activate it. Afterwards you can always operate it with the remote: ON/OFF, starts(in strong brightness mode) and shuts down the lights, LOW dims the light, 30 min (timer function until automatic shutdown).
• Batteries included
• remote can operate up to 24 lights from a distance of 6 mts
• Pack of 6 lights


Only €75,75

WALLED switch™ is an adhesive LED lamp. Includes two screws with wall plugs and one double-sided adhesive disc. Works with 3 AAA 1.5 V batteries


Only €14,75

WALLED bulb™ is an adhesive LED lamp. Cordless and easy to install. Safe and without electricity. Works with 3 AAA 1.5 V batteries.


Only €19,90

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