Bluell ™

The latest in doorbells is called Bluell™. This wireless doorbell uses Bluetooth technology for connection to the waterproof push button.



Use the power of steam to clean and deodorize in depth and carefully all surfaces: floors, carpets, glass, wood, sofas, curtains… You can even do deep cleaning of the kitchen, bathroom, car or garden furniture and floors.

logo ubot


The UBOT Cleaning Robot® is a smart cleaning robot that can mop your floor by itself. Thanks to its bumper and rotating wheel, the UBOT Cleaning Robot® won’t stop when it hits an object, but it will get around the obstacle instead.



Relax free of annoying flying insects day and night. No hazardous chemicals, fumes or odours. UVA light attracts insects and the electric grids kills them. With protection mesh and waste tray.



Starly™ . Decorative lamp with LED stars inside. Traditional design with more than 20 LED stars inside.


Eco Solem™

Eco Solem™ products work with solar energy.  Their panels collect sunlight during the day storing the energy inside.  This way, you’ll save energy and help the environment.


Compak Tailor™

Compak Tailor™ is a compact, portable but nonetheless powerful sewing machine. Compak Tailor™ is a double-stitch machine that will allow you to do little repairs in a few minutes and with totally professional results!


360 Sweep™

360 Sweep™ cleans faster and easier than ordinary electric sweepers. The 360 Sweep™ is great for picking up dirt, pet hair, dust and much more.
Its triangular design allows to reach any corner


Voluma ™

This voice-activated LED light can be placed anywhere. It turns on immediately in dark places on detecting your voice or other noises.


Presence Light™

Watch over your security family. Install spotlights with motion sensor at home or outside. With infrared technology, they detect motion at 20m.

logo kongmop


Thanks to its revolving design, this mop reaches every corner on the floor, no matter how hard it is. It has been made with the most absorbent materials in order to guarantee the best results.



KOMOBOT® is an intelligent, autonomous vacuum robot. It has been designed to clean the floor without any kind of assistance.



WALLED™ is the perfect light system for every room in your house. Works on batteries and requires no installation, just place it wherever you want. It includes a remote control that can activate up to 4 lamps if you wish to illuminate a larger area or stairs.



Save storage space. In just four simple steps you will be able to reduce the volume of your folded clothes and store them comfortably and away from dust and clothes moths until next season!


Pest e Protect™

It creates an electromagnetic protection shield against insects and rodents. The Pest eProtect insect & mouse repeller will keep your house free of mice and insects so you can sit and relax.



Handy Steamer Pro™ is the perfect tool for those serious about ironing. Its fast start mode lets you iron cotton, wool, polyester and linen in minutes.


Lusb ™

USB Charger adapter with 2 in 1 LED. Small but functional charger with two USB inputs. Sensor function of LED light


Fire DT ™

Fire DT ™ is a photoelectric smoke detector with Sound and light alarm and mains-powered

logo rumbot


The robot is full of sensors which allow it to avoid obstacles such as chair legs, sofas or walls. In case the vacuum got stuck, it would switch off automatically in order to avoid an unnecessary waste of battery. With different movement patterns: straight, along the wall or in spiral.

logo shar-x


We offer you products to sharpen knives, scissors and other cutting utensils and tools. Discover our  mini electric shaver or the Shar X™  shaving razor.


The Pebble Point ™

Find your things easily thanks to this portable light. With just one touch it illuminates: Bags, drawers, cupboards, etc. Automatic turn off.



The latest in doorbells is called VESTA ™. Anti-intruder sensor for doors or windows.



Enjoy a healthy colour therapy session while taking a bath. Turn your bathroom into the most amazing room of your house.  Just let the water flow and the LEDs will light automatically. Modify the water temperature to change the LEDs’ colour.


Sticker Lamp™

Now you can have light whenever you want. No wiring or electrical connections required. Just stick the base where you need it and there you go.


Starser ™

Decorate your home inside or out, with this amazing laser with star effects. Create thousands of stars for a private star-filled universe.

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